Monday, October 23, 2006

Ollie Vine

Ollie Vine took adventure Motor cycling to a new level, we ran into this character in Chefchoune on our second night, a geza from London, and from this day we could not shake him!! Ollie was aboard a Honda CBF 1000, this is a road bike for those of you not familiar. But the day came when we teamed up with some German chaps, Andy and Axel on KTM s and English Mark to to a piste around Todra Gorge but Ollie did not want to be left out so with a bit of McGivers tricks coming out we rigged his camping table as a bash plate to protect his pipes, he was coming.

CBF Bash plate, better patient that Ollie before Honda get a hold of it!!

Dressed for the occasion

So we set off and I have never seen a site like it, a CBF off roading with panniers on each side to protect it from a crash and then the man himself had an open face helmet, leather jacket and jeans on, are you serious Ollie!!

CBF enduro style

Well it did work!

But he made it unbeleivable and the track was rough.

Ollie you are a true adventure motorcyclist mate and our personal chef as well.

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