Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Steve and Cassandra

Steve and Cassndra we met through Woody, who I met three years ago on my trip through the Middle East. They are living in Bissau the capital of Guinea Bissau clearing unexploded bombs and mines from around the country.

Put us up in there lounge for a few nights, gave our steeds a garage and their maid washed our clothes, what treatment, something we grow to really appreciate after been on the road for so long.

Steve at hard at work

Amy and Cassandra eating vegemite in Guinea Bissau, very Australian girls!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Fraser Wolley

Met Fraser at the Zebra Bar in Senegal riding a BMW 650 Dakar from the uk to Banjul and back. He kindly donated his rear tire to me after changing it in Banjul, very much appreciated as mine will never last to Togo where we can source some new ones, thanks mate muchly appreciated.

Andy (Woody)

Its a small world, I met Woody 3 years ago on my middle East trip from Istanbul to Cairo, he was one of the truck drivers on the tour, anyway we where sitting at Auberge in Nouakchott and he walked in and I reackonised him straight away, you just never know when or where you may bump into someone you know!!!